Now Open! Kiana's E-Gym

Now Open! Kiana's E-Gym

Lose Fat! Increase lean muscle! Tighten and tone all over!

Get Kiana's #1 Rated, Award Winning Workouts anywhere in the world you live, from any device!

Kiana hosts a series of live online fitness classes from her gym by the beach.  Watch and workout with Kiana in REAL TIME, anywhere in the world you live from any device! Follow along using free weights and your own body weight! Get started today!



Join Now and Receive:

  • 10-12 LIVE In-Depth Workouts per month MWF @ 9:30am pst
  • Instant Access to 100's of fitness videos
  • Every workout is fresh and new to get you results
  • To further the real gym experience, there are back up participants, sweating along with you


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