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If you love sweets, you've got to try my Protein Candy recipe. It has alot of protein, healthy fats and no added sugar.'s super easy and fast to make! Because this recipe has more good-for-you fats than carbs, it is a ketogenic recipe and low carb, high protein. Plus, these delicious Protein Candy Truffles make a healthy decadent pre workout snack or dessert! Fit Yum!

* 1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil
* 1/2 cup Coconut Manna*
* 1/2 cup All Natural Nut Butter: peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, hazelnut butter will all work. Crunchy or smooth both work too.
* 2-3 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder (Vanilla works too)
*  2 1/2 Tbs. unsweetened dark chocolate baking chocolate
* Optional but add yummy texture: cacoa nibs, pecans, almonds, unsweetened coconut
* Need: Silicone Ice Trays

Kiana Tip: this will fill 2-3 ice trays. If you have more left over, cover and put in refrigerator.  Simply warm in microwave to refill ice trays. *You can find these ingredients at your local health food store.

Warm the coconut oil, peanut butter, coconut manna separately in the microwave appx. 30 seconds each.  Make sure that there is absolutely NO foil seal on the outer rim of the jars or they will spark in the microwave.

Pour into large measuring pitcher so you can easily see 1/2 cup added each time you pour in the oil, butter, manna. (less clean up as opposed to using a measuring cup and pouring into a mixing bowl. And, it’s easier to pour the mixture into the ice molds, less mess. When warmed, pour into mixing bowl. Repeat with Coconut Manna and then the Natural Peanut Butter. Add protein powder and unsweetened dark chocolate baking chocolate and mix well. 

Pour into silicone ice molds, sprinkle with coconut (optional) and/or put a couple nuts into the chocolate and put in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Pop out of the ice molds and store in air tight container in freezer.

Photo: Molokini & Pineapple Cutting Boards here

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Enjoy! Aloha!


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