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"I created my Kiana Bars out of necessity.  I created them for my family and for me.  Literally every time I went to the store, I could not find a bar that used only real food ingredients, made of whole foods, no preservatives, all natural & tasted amazing.  I read every nutritional label, tried all of them and didn't like any of them. So I made my own :) I worked on the recipe for over a year and found the perfect balance of protein, almonds, flax, oats & decadent chocolate. It was important to me that all the energizing...

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I am so excited to tell you that my Gym is now open to everyone ONLINE! Now you can train with me from wherever in the world you live! Simple log on from any device: PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet and get ready to SWEAT! Follow along using free weights and your own body weight to get lean, reduce body fat, tighten and tone all over!'s really fun! There are real members sweating along with you as I lead everyone through a full body blast in 30 minutes! Each exercise is a compound move meaning that you get a...

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