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Surf the web with Kiana! Aloha Kiana Fans & TV Memorabilia Collectors!  Add this RARE Kiana item to your Collections!  If you are a true Kiana Fan, you KNOW this is a very special & RARE item.

  • Kiana Tom Autographed Blue Bikini Mousepad (Apple mouse not included lol.)
    We only have 3 available! Very rare item! Brand new condition!

  • Also included: Signed 8x10! Perfect to add to your Memorabilia and Autograph Collection!

ABOUT THIS ITEM: This is one of Kiana's iconic bikini shots taken during filming of Kiana's Flex Appeal on Maui, Hawaii.  In between taping her workout shows, Kiana and her team of photographers would do "beauty bikini" photos and videos that would air during the shows before commercial breaks.  Many of the photos were so popular they became posters, calendars, mousepads :) Only 3 available!  Very rare item. Good luck! Aloha!

    This special one of a kind item is from Kiana's Personal Collections displayed in her Personal Gym.  Kiana has an extensive display of bikinis, Kiana's Flex Appeal items, weights, Magazine props etc displayed in glass cases on the walls.  She has decided to offer some for her Fans. Kiana's Memorabilia, Kiana's Flex Appeal bikinis, athletic wear etc., are proudly displayed at ESPN Zones and Hard Rock Cafes all over the world.

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