Competition Jump Rope: Black

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Lose weight, reduce body fat, get lean, strong and fit with this ultra light jump rope. The lightest and fastest jump rope on the market.  A must have item for anyone serious about getting in shape.  A portable piece of fitness gear that you can use anywhere in a small space.  Use at home, the gym, travel, park, beach.  Ultra lightweight, super fast jump rope that can reach speeds of 6-7 turns per second.  Perfect for beginners to competitive jumpers and commonly used at the National and World Jump Roping Championships.  Very versatile and can easily be adjusted to fit anyone up to 6'6" tall.  Top quality durable cable cable resists kinking unlike all other cables on the market.  Cable is 10' long, handles 5", 2.4 oz.

Size Chart:


Length of Rope      Height
7 feet Shorter than 5' 2"
8' 5'2" - 5' 6" 
9' 5' 6" - 6' 2"
10' 6' 3" - 6' 7"


Click here for detailed sizing instructions for various fitness levels and interests.