Kiana Workout Band - Light Level 1

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This Light Level 1 Fitness Band I use these ALL of the time for gym and travel workouts, active warm ups, cool downs, and for training commonly neglected muscle groups such as postural muscles, (i.e., rear delts) inner thighs, etc. These are also great for burn out sets after lifting weights." Kiana

Highly effective for strengthening and stretching the entire upper and lower body, dynamic warm ups, active cool downs, partner exercises and for doing full body workouts anywhere.  Incorporate into bicep curls, horizontal chest presses, squats, rows, overhead presses, triceps extensions & combine with other equipment to create even more variety.  Can also be attached to pull up bars to help you do pull ups and to weight bars for added resistance. Great for traveling or for using at home or the gym. You can see this workout video and train with your Super Band Exercise Tubing along with my at Kiana's eGym

41" L.  Bands sold individually.

  • Starting band for most women: Extra Light Orange (2-6 lbs.)
  • Starting size for most men: Medium Black (10-35 lbs. resistance is enough for a warm up. Get heavier if it's being used for a full body workout.)


Band Level and Resistance Chart
Level / Color Width  Resistance 
Extra Light / Orange 1/4"  2-6 lbs.
Light / Red 1/2"  5-25 lbs.
Medium / Black 1/2" 10-35 lbs.
Heavy / Purple 1 1/8" 30-50 lbs.
Extra Heavy / Green 1 3/4" 65-85 lbs.
Ultra Heavy / Blue 2 1/2" 80-100 lbs.
Super Heavy / Black 4" up to 200 lbs.