Speed Jump Rope

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"I love jumping rope! It's one of the best ways to lose body fat, get lean & sculpt sexy shoulders! Plus you don't need alot of space to get a great workout! I love these new light weight speed jump ropes! They are easy to use, super fast and they don't sting if they hit your legs! I've used all types of jump ropes: leather, weighted, rubber, etc and I use these all of the time in the gym, outdoors, home gym, travel and in my eGym Workouts!" Kiana

Best Seller! Durable black vinyl rope built for speed, agility and cardio training. Color coded, molded PVC handles allow for a comfortable and solid grip. Six lengths to accommodate any user. See the specifications below to determine the best jump rope based on your height. Great for home use, travel, gyms, group fitness, boot camps, adults & kids too!


  • Durable vinyl rope
  • Molded PVC handles
  • Lengths color coded by handles
  • 6 different lengths

Jump Rope Length Recommendations:

  • 6' - user height 3'11" and under Yellow
  • 7' - user height 4' to 4'8"Green
  • 8' - user height 4'9" to 5'5" Red
  • 9' - user height 5'6" to 6" Blue
  • 10' - user height 6'1" to 6'6" Black
  • 11' - user height 6'7" and over Orange