Kiana Bars

 "Kiana Bars are the only bars I feel 100% comfortable eating and giving to my children. I developed them for my family and I'm proud that they are now available for you!" 

100% All Natural Ingredients you can actually SEE!  Organic almonds, flax, cashews, chicory root, gluten free oats, natural organic peanut butter and creamy dark chocolate.  Whole foods ingredients found in your pantry.  Free of artificial flavors. Free of synthetic colors. Free of added trans fats. Free of artificial preservatives. 13g protein, 5g fiber, no added sugar.  Energize your body with real food ingredients.

Kiana Tom

Star & Founder of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

"Best in Fitness" USA Today  "Fitness Queen" EXTRA.

Kiana Bars: Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter - 100% All Natural Ingredients - Kiana Fitness Shop - 3
Kiana Bars - 100% All Natural Whole Food Protein Bars from $29.95 $67.90
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