Kiana Bars: Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter - 100% All Natural Ingredients

Fuel Your Body Naturally with Kiana Bars

100% All Natural Whole Foods Ingredients.  Ingredients found in your pantry.  13g protein, almonds, cashews, flax, gluten free oats, creamy dark chocolate...

Kiana Bars are literally THE BEST protein bar I've EVER eaten. It's THE ONLY only bar I feel 100% comfortable eating and giving to my children. I developed them for my family and I'm proud that they are now available for you!



+ 100% All Natural Ingredients
+ 13g Whey Protein*
+ 5g Fiber to keep you fuller longer
+ Made from Real Whole food Ingredients found in your pantry

All Natural Ingredients you can actually SEE! Organic almonds, flax, cashews, chicory root, gluten free oats, natural peanut butter and creamy dark chocolate.  Whole foods ingredients found in your pantry.  

Free of artificial flavors. Free of synthetic colors. Free of added trans fats. Free of artificial preservatives. Free of MSG.  Larger size 2.2 oz bar.  Many bars on the market are 1/2 the size.

Kiana Tom Create Own Whole Foods Protein Bar

"This is literally THE BEST protein bar I've EVER eaten. It's THE ONLY only bar I feel 100% comfortable eating and giving to my children.  I created Kiana Bars out of necessity!  Whenever I would go grocery shopping, I could NEVER find a whole food protein bar that met my standards. So I made my own :) I worked on the recipe for over a year to create the most delicious, highest quality healthy whole foods bar.  Pretty soon, family members, friends, training partners, kids' classmates, teachers, local stores, wanted Kiana Bars so I decided to mass produce." Kiana Tom.

Kiana Bars' delicious texture is slightly chewy, slightly crunchy, and the best part is that you can see all of the nutritious ingredients: the almonds, cashews, oats and bits of creamy dark chocolate.  So many other bars are chalky, synthetic tasting or gooey, and you can't see any actual ingredients. To make things worse, they are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. 

Kiana Bars are nutritious, delicious and all natural, I'm very proud of it.  I hope that you will try them and that you and your family will love them too!"

Kiana Tom
Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

"BEST Bar I've EVER Eaten!"

Posted by: Kiana Bar Fanatic

 "Hands down this is the best bar I've ever had and I've tried them all! I'm super picky and only eat healthy whole foods! Highly recommend them!"


"Thank you for creating the best, the best most tasty health bar available"

Email from: Carol

 Hi Kiana,
           Thank you for creating the best, the best most tasty health bar available.  I cannot tell
      you how much I enjoy them AND the true test is how they affect my blood sugar.  I am
      hypoglycemic & have never found a health bar that was tasty and did not have a negative
       affect on my blood sugar.  I am thrilled!  The ingredients are more like real food & for the
       chocolate addicts, like myself, you infused just enough delicious chocolate to satisfy the
       taste buds.  YUM!!


"I have to hide them from my kids!"

Posted by: a Fit Mom of 3

 "My daughter LOVES Kiana Bars! I feel good knowing they're made with all real whole food ingredients!"


"These are the BEST!"

Posted by: 1st Time Facebook Customer

"I've been testing out protein bars since I was in college 20 plus years ago & these are the best!"


Larger size 2.2 oz bar.  Now each 12 bar box is a pop up display box too!  New wrapper to preserve shelf life and protect the nutritious all natural ingredients.  Produced in an FDA licensed and approved facility that carries safety certifications, including GMP and HACCP. *Studies have shown that whey protein can help rebuild muscle tissue after intense or long bouts of exercise and help control your appetite later in the day :)

Pop up Grab-N-Go display box included.

*Coming soon to a health food store near you! Wholesale inquiries: email us at kianabars@kiana.comSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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