Fit Cooking Recipes Vol1

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Because I am lean, people always ask me, "do you ever eat, Kiana?  The answer is: "Yes, I love to eat and eat a lot.  In fact, people are surprised because I seem to always be eating!"  

The trick is selecting the right foods to eat.  You must also take into account your available time to make the foods, your budget and what foods you enjoy and eat nutrient dense foods that fuel your body.  My eBook has something for people of all ages and different tastes, every budget and everyone's busy schedule.

I have an extensive data base of my Fit Cooking Healthy Recipes that you will love in my Fit Cooking eBook.

I also include serving suggestions and simple ways to present your food in the most beautiful, appetizing and easy way :)

These are my go-to recipes that I make for my family all of the time. They are high in protein, flavor and clean carbs...low in fat, sugar and sodium.  I am a busy Mom of 2, all of my recipes are easy to make and easy to clean up :) There are Hawaiian recipes, main dishes, breakfast, side dishes, salads and guilt free desserts, too!

60 of Kiana's Favorite Family Healthy Recipes

  • Easy to make, easy clean up
  • Kid approved
  • Cook once, eat twice
  • Time sensitive


  • 8 Breakfast Recipes
  • 11 Protein Shake Recipes
  • 25 Main Dish Recipes / Soups / Salads
  • 7 Dessert Recipes (I have a big sweet tooth. You will love these!)
  • 9 Sides Recipes
  • 1 “Magic” Salad Dressing Recipe (It’s “Magic” because every time I make it, my kids ask for 3 helpings of salad!?)

Solid foundation.

Having a solid library of recipes makes grocery shopping and eating healthfully much easier. You become familiar with the recipes you love most and can pick up the items when you see them. I like to have basic ingredients on hand for last minute healthy meals. For example, when I see a good sale, I’ll stock up.

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