10pc Pro Pump Barbell Set

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"I use this everyday in my home gym and love it!  It's compact, high quality and comfortable to use.  The urethane material on the plates make it extremely durable and high quality barbell. The plates are versatile for so many exercises too! At Kiana's eGym Online I show you 100s of workouts to do with free weights! Remember, the best gym is the one in your home: it's convenient, saves you time and money. Plus it's easy to do a few sets here and there to stay super fit! Have a flex appeal day!" Kiana Tom

Pro Pump Barbell Set is designed to provide your home gym or health club a bar and plate set that is superior in quality and versatility. The plate design features a unique beveled edge with designated grip locations that form a polygon design. The beveled edge keeps the weighted barbell from rolling away while not in use. The grip locations allow you to use the plates as free weights or to customize the weight of your barbell. The inner stainless steel ring increases the overall durability of the plates while allowing for quick and easy transitions on and off the bar. One set features six durable urethane plates (pair of 2.5, 5 and 10 lbs.), a 56 inch powder-coated steel 5 lb. bar, and a pair of 1.25" spring collars.


  • Durable urethane plates with stainless steel inner ring
  • No more than 60 lbs. recommended load per bar
  • Specially designed grip locations for plates to be used on and off the bar
  • Beveled edge design to keep the weighted bar from rolling away when not in use
  • Color palette provides easy weight identification at a glance
  • Bar sleeve is 30 mm. in diam. - Bar is 51 in. long