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In response to the overwhelming requests, you can now send in YOUR ITEMS FOR KIANA TO PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPH.  Simply add to the cart, complete your purchase and send to the address that will automatically be sent to you.

What can I have signed? People have their magazines, shirts, Kiana's Flex Appeal photographs, photos taken with Kiana at public appearances and trade shows, index cards, autograph books, Kiana's BodySculpting books, coffee mugs, posters, 8x10s.... 

Select the quantity according to how many items you are sending in to be autographed. $25 per item.

How does it work? Once we receive your items, we will get them to Kiana for her personal signature in permanent Sharpie Ink. If you want it personalized to "YOUR NAME" please include a note with it.  Please allow a couple weeks for us to have it signed and sent back to you.

S/H is charged so that we can return the items to you.