Bundle: 4 Week Challenge & 3 Day Detox

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In this Bundle, you get BOTH of our BEST SELLING DOWNLOADS:

  • Fit Mom TV 4 Week Challenge
  • 3 Day Detox Whole Foods Meal Plan


Fit Mom TV 4 Week Challenge

✔ 30 page step-by-step guide with over 65 images
✔ Easy to follow detailed start & finish exercise images & explanations

✔ View on any device or print into a booklet

✔ Effective cardio strength methods torch body fat
✔ Strength training to sculpt a strong, fit body

✔ Time saving, efficient exercise routines
✔ Do the workouts at home, gym or outdoors
✔ Ready to go! All levels can do this!

Best Selling Meal Plan

Detox your body with ORGANIC, WHOLE FOODS. This is a wonderful 3 day Detox Menu Plan that incorporates healthy foods found in your local grocery store. No gimmicks or fads, just healthy clean eating.  

“I don’t like fads, especially when it comes to food and diet." says Kiana. This is a realistic 3 day detox menu plan with recipes using organic, whole foods.  It’s a clean way of eating that is easy on the digestive system and high in lean protein, fruit and vegetables.

Upon purchase, you can download the 3 Day Detox Menu Plan to get started right away!