Phone Consult or Online Chat

Imagine being able to join me for a protein shake and just talk about your fitness goals and how to achieve them.  We would talk about what is and isn't working in your current fitness routine and I could help you make adjustments so you can get real, consistent results!  I would share my advice and tips from years of experience as a leader in the fitness industry.

If you don't want to talk about fitness, we could talk about my experiences on Kiana's Flex Appeal, how I created the shows and all the juicy gossip!  We could talk about the television shows, movies, magazines I've been on and more!  Perhaps you have an idea for a new television show and you want to hear how I "pitched my television show idea" to ESPN? We can talk about food, healthy eating, fit family tips and more!

I can provide YOU with 1-on-1 advice with a Phone Consult.  I have helped MILLIONS of television viewers in 100 countries motivate toward a healthy lifestyle.  I want to help you!

Don’t live in the States, we can arrange Skype (it's my favorite way to chat)!


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