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UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN (SONY PICTURES) Get a SIGNED copy of Sony Pictures UNIVERSAL SOLDIER : THE RETURN by KIANA TOM, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Kiana Tom, Bill Goldbery, Michael Jai White

"I LOVED filming the action scenes! The beginning of the film has Jean Claude and me being chased on Jet Skis, jumping on to speed boats, hydro planes, shooting guns..... So much fun!" Kiana (Maggie) "I took weapons training from the same team who taught Arnold for his movies. Got to shoot Glocks and a 35 lb. Heat Seeking Missle Gun!"

About: Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), the heroic former Universal Soldier, is about to be thrown into action once again along with his side kick, Maggie (Kiana Tom). With the Cold War over and defense budgets slashed, the entire Universal Soldier team is facing elimination, including SETH, the super-computer that controls the ultra-warriors. Knowing that his days are numbered, SETH decides to seek revenge by destroying his creators and implementing a reign of terror on the outside world. Morphing into human form as the quintessential Universal Soldier (Michael Jai White), SETH begins to unleash his wicked plan with the aid of his top soldier (Bill Goldberg / Pro Wrestler). When conventional military strength fails to thwart his efforts, Luc must take charge. As Luc faces SETH and his team of unstoppable soldiers, a battle pitting man against machine and good against evil ensues, offering the kind of high-intensity sci-fi action you't soon forget.


Rated R

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