Kiana Bars

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    KIANA BARS are 100% all natural whole food protein bars created by Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Trusted Fitness Authority, Wife & Mom.  Kiana developed the recipe for her own family & now they're available to everyone.

    Calling all health minded people: meet Kiana Bar, the delicious and nutritious all-natural protein bar made entirely with whole food ingredients. A decadent healthy snack made with good-for-you almonds & cashews, flax, whey protein, creamy all natural peanut butter and smooth antioxidant rich dark chocolate, nailing that whole convenient wholesome snack for your entire busy family thing.

    The whole food nutrition is in the all natural ingredients (cause you know eating actual real food is best).
       •    100% all natural ingredients: almonds, cashews, flax, gluten free oats
       •    13g protein to help rebuild muscle & to be used by every part of the body to develop, grow and function properly
        •    Natural complex carbohydrates to provide the body with fuel for physical activity & active lifestyles
        •    5 grams fiber to keep you fuller longer
        •    Real food ingredients for sustained energy, nothing artificial.  No junk.

    "As a fitness expert, athlete, wife & mom, I love healthy snacks to keep our energy levels up while providing nutrition for our bodies.  Kiana Bars are the only protein bars I feel 100% comfortable eating & giving to my children. I worked on the recipe for over a year and the result is a delicious & nutritious whole food protein bar for the whole family."  Kiana Tom, Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

    Large size 2.2 oz bar.  Most bars on the market are 1/2 the size.  Each 12 bar box is a pop up grab-&-go box made with earth friendly recycled materials. Produced in FDA licensed & approved facility that carries safety certifications, including GMP and HACCP.

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